To add to their family of four, Bev gave birth to a healthy baby girl in the wee hours of this morning at their home.

James tweeted, 'Baby girl delivered in our lounge. Mum is beautiful and knackered, little one is eating & dad is thankful for reverse pump to empty birth pool,' this morning to announce the arrival of the little one.

James and Bev now have three children, Croyde, 7, and Kiki, 2 and as of this morning, newborn Trixie, who Bev found out she was pregnant with two weeks after James had his accident in America and was sadly unable to share the news with him.

However, nine months on, a triumphant and glorious day for the Cracknells! Hurrah!

Watch the final instalment of James' trilogy, Unstoppable? The James Cracknell Trilogy, tomorrow night on the Discovery Channel at 9pm.

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  • Dear James and Beverley
    I have just finished watching two of your races the Desert Race and the American Race (we are in the midst of a heatwave in South Africa and at the time it was 36 deg) and I was watching the American race and could literally feel the sweat trickling down my back as you were slogging it through Death Valley and I kept telling myself this man is freaking nuts firstly to not eat properly, not to sleep properly, and to be sweaty all the time no way. I was fascinated at your stamina and willpower to carry on but you did finish and then Bev was waiting for you at the end of that stage. And still I was thinking my goodness where does this man get the energy from and then they tortured you by making you sit in that ice bath man oh man what you put your body through, and then you had the accident I sat there and I couldn't believe you was chatting to my Mom and said I can't believe it and she said I must not worry as Ice Race which I am going to watch tonite. Beverle
  • As a stranger I sat and watched your story on Sky last night. I was so moved I felt compelled to leave a note for you and your family. I cannot begin to describe how courageous and brave you are. Your inner strength and determination have amazed me. Congratulations on all your achievements. Well done James, well done.
  • Would love to have half of the strength you possess, think this has helped your recovery, congratulations on the birth of your new daughter you and your family are an inspiration to us all
    Deborah Kenyon
  • Congratulations to you all. I must say James, you are an absolute inspiration. You're a fascinating man and I wish you all the very best. I've told all my mates to watch your challenges, as you can't fail to be impressed by it. Enjoy the new addition (it probably won't calm you down!!)
    Jeremy M
  • good luck with all of it james you rock. i thought u did good rideing on your bike on the snow
  • Brillant news. Congratulations to you all on the birth of Trixie.
  • Many congratulations to you all. You have a wonderful wife and family James - be proud of them and what you have achieved.
  • Just watched your American journey on Sky Plus and fair play to you James, outstanding effort and it's great to see you have recovered from your accident, I know were you're coming from as my dad had the same sort of injury but he wasnt so lucky, but at least he is still with us. I also have to remind you that the Northern lads and I had a wonderful night with you, Bev and her sister many years ago at the school disco in Vauxhall, I never heard if you made the regatta the next day!!!! Congrats on you're new arrival and all the best for the future, you are a phenominal athlete and competitor but most of all a gentleman. Good luck, Brian
    Brian Smyth
  • Congratulations for your family,really enjoyed you trilogy ,extremely enspiring ,hope to see some more after you all get over the challenges of a new born,big well done mate to you and your family!!!
    Steven major
  • Hi James and gang well done, take some time and enjoy your family.
    Stuart R
  • Congratulations on the birth of Trixie! All the best to you all xx

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