WTE: Livingstone in Africa


James is no stranger to the perils that accompany a strong sense of adventure and, in the next episode of World’s Toughest Expeditions, he is pushed to the brink whilst retracing the steps of one of the world’s greatest explorers, Dr David Livingstone.

In the episode, he journeys towards the Victoria Falls and in the process comes face to face with Africa’s wildest beasts, tackles raging torrents, battles through hostile waters and joins in local village customs. Picking up his trail on his way to the natural wonder of the falls, James travels up the Zambezi River, waters that claim over 200 lives a year, where on average there’s a crocodile every 100 metres.

Watch World’s Toughest Expedition on the Discovery Channel this Sunday 29th April at 9:00pm.



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  • We drove by Sunday afternoon and cudoln' t believe our eyes! I am so proud of whoever did it! But it also brought tears to my eyes-especially on the drive to Big Bay-all the beautiful trees being cut down! And the berm! Hope you enjoyed the cookies!

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